+For more inquiries please contact :
Abdul Kadir Chan

#August 2011
Jovian Mandagie for 360 MAG
with Nur Zalikha (Rupajiwa Studio)
Lighting / 2nd Photographer

#23rd July 2011
ECE Technologies Sdn Bhd : Corporate Video Presentation United Kingdom 2011
#Director of Photography : Afiq Zulkefli / Kadir Chan / Khairi Che Rus #Videogra…pher : Kadir Chan / Afiq Zulkefli #Video Editor : Ejat Curtis / Khairil Azmir #Photographer : Epul Saaid / Khairil Azmir #Director : Kadir Chan
#Producer : En. Sariffudin Zainal

#July 2011
Bio Safety Security Defence International Congress & Exhibition 2011
with Fathihi Mohamed and Hakim Samat
Official Photographers : Hakim Samat / Kadir Chan / Fathihi Mohamed
Team Leader : Hakim Samat / Light Assistant : Fathihi Mohamed

#16th February 2011
MonoloQue & Altimet (Kugiran Negara ke United Kingdom) with Suppa Mello and Haris Airul
Official Videographer for MonoloQue and Knuke.

#18th December – 22nd January 2010
Inventing A Sensory Utopia: Pelita Hati Open Show 2010

#July 2010 to December 2010
MonoloQue – Tiada Kata Scantik Bahasa (Official Music Video) with Haris Airul and Yasser Selamat
Videographer / Video Editor / Director

#30th October 2010
The Republik Studio
Inventing A Sensory Utopia

#29th October 2010
Friday Talk Series
Inventing A Sensory Utopia at Adaptus Design Sdn Bhd

#July 2010 to December 2010
Space Gambus Experiment (SGE) with Kotaro Tanaka and Wan Fuad Haris Airul Kamal Sabran
Video Editor / Visual Direction for MALAYSIA-JAPAN VIDEO ART EXCHANGE (MAJAVAE) 2010
SGE X Rupajiwa X Kotaro Tanaka @ Balai Seni Lukis Negara

#17th July 2010
Black Box Solaris Duta Mas KL
Space Gambus Experiment (SGE) with Haris Airul and Wan Fuad
Video Editor / Visual Direction for the SGE’s visual “Form_De_Form_Re_For​m” Songs ‘Fizikal Real’ and ‘Pengembara Cahaya’ by Space Gambus Experiment.

#26th June 2010
Inventing A Sensory Utopia At Urbanscapes KLPAC, Sentul
Inventing A Sensory Utopia with Wan Fuad and Haris Airul
Featured Works : Images of Panorama Landscapes Interactive Dvd for Visual Enhancement

#December 2008
Cyberview Sdn Bhd – The Landowner of Cyberjaya
Architecture & Commercial with Radzi Aziz
Photographer / Editor

#Jun 2009
Advertising & Commercial for Esen Online Magazine
with Syafiq Zailan
Photographer / Editor

#August 2008
Photographer for Free Love’s debut album “Feed Us With Your Love”

#August 2007
Shemensi Clothing Sdn Bhd
Advertising & Commercial
Photographer / Editor

#July 2006 – April 2008
Guitar Technition for AG HUJAN (band)

#2nd December 2005 – May 2006
PSI, Furniture Design
Illustrator / Graphic Designer


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